Monday, April 12, 2010

Pl/SQL Development Workflow

Here is the notes taking from book <<Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices>>.

Four steps of preparing an application, special for PL/SQL transactional database API.

Validate program requirements
  1. ask lots of questions
  2. what users ask for is not always the easiest way to solve a problem
  3. consider other approaches, include business processes and programming algorithms

Implement header of the program

  1. good name for the program, accurately represent the purpose of the program
  2. inputs and outputs
  3. overload sub-procedure ?

Define the test cases

  1. Verify it works
  2. how will I know when I am done with this program

Build test code

Testing for correctness:
  • Have you tested with good and all the different possibilities of bad data
  • Does the code do the right thing, ... and nothing more.

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