Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oracle SQL*Developer features wanted

I'm a PL/SQL developer, I've been with Toad for 10 years. I got my MacBook Pro in 2012 April. Since there is no PL/SQL Developer release for Mac, and Toad is too expensive, I have to get my feet wet on SQL*Developer.
After 3 months use of SQL*Developer, here're something I hope I can get.

I hope below issues will be solved on future SQL*Developer release.


Connections navigator: manipulate to sub-procedure/function, sub-sub<...>-procedures.
SQL Worksheet code edit mode:
 - Edit/Find... is often hanging.
 - Shortcut/hot keys to change upper/lower case.
 - block selection and edit/fill.
Save Package spec and body... :
 - sometimes saved mess/wrong code, cannot be compiled.
 - can I change the suffix to .sql from .pls ?
Some more is coming soon.


Version 3.1.07.
Build MAIN-07.42

Charlie | Database Architect Developer

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