Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oracle SQL*Developer features wanted

I'm a PL/SQL developer, I've been with Toad for 10 years. I got my MacBook Pro in 2012 April. Since there is no PL/SQL Developer release for Mac, and Toad is too expensive, I have to get my feet wet on SQL*Developer.
After 3 months use of SQL*Developer, here're something I hope I can get.

I hope below issues will be solved on future SQL*Developer release.


Connections navigator: manipulate to sub-procedure/function, sub-sub<...>-procedures.
SQL Worksheet code edit mode:
 - Edit/Find... is often hanging.
 - Shortcut/hot keys to change upper/lower case.
 - block selection and edit/fill.
Save Package spec and body... :
 - sometimes saved mess/wrong code, cannot be compiled.
 - can I change the suffix to .sql from .pls ?
Some more is coming soon.


Version 3.1.07.
Build MAIN-07.42

Charlie | Database Architect Developer


thatjeffsmith said...

>>Edit/Find... is often hanging
Is this with a file open? If so, how large is the file?

>>Shortcut/hot keys to change upper/lower case
Ctrl+Quote toggles between Upper, InitCap, and Lowercase. You can change the shortcut in the preferences.

>>block selection and edit/fill
I'll treat these as two different things. Block selection is available now


Block edit/fill isn't supported today, but I think it would be pretty popular with our power users. You could submit that idea to our exchange at sqldeveloper.oracle.com

>>package save spec/body issues
1. This could be a known issue. Does this sound similar to what you're seeing?


2. There's no way to change the default for when saving package spec and bodies together, although if you use Save As for a spec or body, you can save it to .SQL. This would be an enhancement reqeust as well.

Charlie 1 木匠 said...

@thatjeffsmith ,

Too many populate list and changing key word like column names to upper case automatically when I move the cursor up or down, are annoying too. It slows down my typing and editing.

It'll be better if I can turn it off.